About Us

My Beauty Group offers a complete range of high quality skin care, whether its from professional use products  to home use products.  Simildiet Laboratories are based in Spain and have been established since 1983 and guarantee the maximum quality in all of their products and total absence of iatrogenic events. 


Chemical peels are dermatological treatments based on skin’s ability to regenerate after a destruction (more or less intense) of its superficial layers.

Simildiet offers a peeling comprehensive system designed specifically to treat skin imperfections, from moderate to severe, including photo-ageing, fine lines, wrinkles, flaccidity, pigmentation, seborrheic skin, acne and scars.


Safe and effective solutions for our professionals

Simildiet seeks the highest quality of its products and the total absences of iatrogenesis.  From the beginning of the link of a special development we require the maximum care on every detail that will define the maximum quality concept.

Serum Intensive products contain no preservatives or colouring.

Combinable among each other, they offer a wide range of possible actions.


Sterile, pyrogen-free and preservatives-free products.


Simildiet offers a variety of anti-aging products for professional use and home use.  Using the highest quality ingredients to provide the highest quality results by using biomimetic peptides whether in the form of a serums and creams to achieve specific results like wrinkle reduction, moisturisation or skin barrier recovery.