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Simildiet Argilac Mask 60ML

Perfect for young skin.

Sensitive, intolerant, delicate and itchy skin.

Dehydrated skin.

Ideal for first facial cares.

Recommended to tackle problems such as eye bags and swollen eyelids.





Simildiet Argilac Mask 60ML


A dermatologically tested peel which is moisturising, hydrating, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, sebostatic, bactericide, antioxidant, clarifying, depigmenting, decongestant and firming mask.

Arginine 25%  Lactic acid 9%  Pyruvic acid 4.5%  Vitamin K1 oxide 1%

PH 5.5

60ml bottle = approx 30 treatments.



Before any treatment remove all makeup with Simildiet Micellar Water then apply Simildiet Degreasing Lotion to thoroughly clean, oxygenate and lightly exfoliate to prepare the skin for any aesthetic treatment.






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