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Simildiet Bhioerba 1 HB - 60 Capsules

Bhioerba is a food supplement which combines in one single product all the active principles that ensure a good gastro – hepatobiliary functioning.  We recommend it in anti-obesity and anti-cellulite depurative treatments, and as a supplement in chemotherapy and anti-dyspeptic treatments.

Box contains 60 capsules

Dry nebulised extracts of: Holy thistle, Herb milk thistle, Artichoke, Black radish, Fennel, Mihtk Sage and Dimethylsulfone 


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Simildiet Bhioerba 1 HB - 60 Capsules


  • Food supplement
  • Ensures good gastro – hepatobiliary functioning
  • Choleretic, colagogue, carminative
  • Anti-dyspeptic, hepatic detox, general depurative
  • Especially in dietetetic abuses and those of alcohol consumption.


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