Simildiet Lipotrofin Serum Intensive

Contains all the active components of anit-cellulitic action indicated in the following treatments: peripheral circulation, vascular spasms, venous ecstasy, circulatory weakness, stimulation and detoxifying of the conjunctive tissue.

Works well in conjunction with Metabolites and Musclebig.

M   –  Metabolites for Obesity

L   –  Lipotrofin for Cellulite

M   –  Musclebig for Flaccidity

20 x 2ml ampoules

Professional use only

Available as intensive and ion serum (s). Affects all factors responsible for the creation of cellulite. Improves microcirculation, is diuretic and restores the connective tissue structure. Lipotrofin Intensive serum is used successfully for cellulite and rosacea treatment.

Application:  Applicable to peripheral circulatory disorders, connective tissue damage, vascular spasms, weakening of the circulatory system, stimulation of the connective tissue and gland functions and connective tissue detoxification.


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Simildiet Lipotrofin Serum Intensive

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Treats soft, hard, compact or edematous cellulite.

Presentation: Box of 20 sterile ampoules of 2 ml each.


Content (English): Aqua, Sodium chloride, Aesculus hippocastanum extract, Juglans regia, Tyrosine


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