Simildiet Musclebig ION Serum

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Simildiet Musclebig ION Serum


Musclebig ION Serum:
Firmiing and Anti-flaccidity

These serums are designed to be applied with the current electromedicine techniques: Iontophoresis, Radiofrequency, Ultrasound therapy, Thermotherapy, Vacuum therapy.

5 x 10ml vials

M – Musclebig for firming and anti-Flaccidity can also be combined with:

L – Lipotrofin for Cellulite
M – Metabolites for Obesity

Give fantastic results even after just 1 treatment.
Skin allergy test is not needed before their application and can be applied by non-medical staff for instance Beauty Therapist.

Ingredients: Aqua (water) Sodium chloride, Fucus vesiculousus extract, Tyrosine, Adenosine triphosopate, Disodium adenonsine phosphate

Recommended use:

• Once a week for four weeks

• One session every two weeks, for at least one month

• One maintenance treatment every month