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Simildiet Face Anti-Ageing Serum 50ML

Anti-Wrinkle / expression wrinkles

Intensely hydrating

gives skin a youthful, smooth and radiant look

Reduces wrinkles

Reduces puffiness round eyes and eye bags

Strong antioxidant protection from free radicals and environmental issues

50ml glass bottle

Use morning and evening on cleansed face and neck.



Simildiet Face Anti-Ageing Serum 50ML


Global anti-wrinkle serum.

50 ml glass bottle.

The combination of its natural active ingredients together with specific biomimetic peptides gives skin back a youthful, smooth and radiant look. Intensely hydrates and reduces wrinkles, puffiness under the eyes, eyebags and expression wrinkles. Provides strong anti-oxidant protection against damage caused by free radicals and environmental damage.

Instructions for use: Morning and evening, on skin cleaned from make-up, properly cleansed and degreased, apply some drops of the serum on face and neck by means of a gentle massage, starting at the centre of the face and moving toward the exterior.


Active ingredients: Low, medium and high molecular weight Hyaluronic acid, Enteromorpha compressa extract, DNA-RNA, Allantoin, Ocimum sanctum leaf extract, Silybum marianum fruit extract, Croton lechleri resin extract, biomimetic peptides.



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