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Skin Active Mesotherapy

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Skin Active Mesotherapy


Non invasive, needle free mesotherapy uses a transdermal system, ultrasound, iontophoresis and meso electroporation.With these system specific cocktails of drugs be placed on the skin in order to achieve a desired effect. In cosmetics needle free mesotherapy is successfully used in the fight against ageing (anti-ageing), local accumulations of fat (lipolysis) and cellulite.

[two_third class=”” last=”no” ]Skin Active gives your customer’s fantastic results at a very low  cost which practically guarantees you profit at a very low investment level.[/two_third]skinactiv-1-.480x0

[two_third class=”” last=”yes” ]This is achieved by applying very low electro pulses to your client’s skin which guarantees they will feel the full effects of the mesotherapy products and equipment.[/two_third]behandelkop-skinactiv-1-.1280x0

Deep and fine lines
Nasal folds
Open pores
Acne scarring
Acne rosacea skin
Skin Firming & improvement
Regenerative & depigmentation
Photo-aging and care

Hyperpigmentation face and body
Stretch marks
Flab cellulite
Local obesity

Our treatment is non-invasive, painless and shows results in a very short space of time


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