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Simildiet Sunscreen +50 SPF

Very high protection sunsreen 50+SPF UVA-B (1:3)

Great moisturising effect.  It prevents and repairs sun damaged skin (DNA repair).

Soothing and healing properties.  Anti solar erythema.

Waterproof non-whitening effect. High substantivity.

For sensitive and sun intolerant skins.

Compliments photo depilation treatments (IPL and Laser)

Skin renewal treatments (peels, skin-rejuvenation etc)

Apply onto dry skin 30 minutes before sun exposure.

Apply immediately after aesthetic treatment especially in case of sunlight exposure.

Repeat this procedure every 2 hours of insolation.

50ml tube

Dermatologically tested.




Simildiet Sunscreen +50 SPF


Very high protection.


Repairs sun damaged skin.


Suitable for sensitive and sun intolerant skin.

Suitable for after laser, IPL, chemical peel, photo-rejuvenation etc treatments.


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