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Simildiet Xtra Skin and Hair Tablets

  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Makes skin softer and smoother
  • protects the skin from free radicals and oxidative stress
  • Strengthens and improves quality of hair and nails
  • Great joint cartilage and musculoskeletal structures protector.



Simildiet Xtra Skin and Hair Tablets


Contains active ingredients that have proven to have an intense effect in combating the signs of skin ageing and the weakening of hair and nails.

Box containing 60 tablets.

– Reduces wrinkles and makes the skin smoother and softer.
– Protects the skin from free radicals and oxidative stress.
– Improves hair loss, thinning, loss of shine and hair breakage.
– Stimules growth of nails.
– Improves brittle, weak, striated and fragile nails.
– Protects articular cartilage and musculoskeletal structures in all types of physical exercise.


Active ingredients: Hydrolyzed collagen, Zinc, Hyaluronic acid, Resveratrol, Bitter orange, Selenium, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamins, L-proline, L-lysine.


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