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Sunscreen 50SPF AIRLESS

  • Extreme sun protection UVA (13.22) UVB, SPF 50+ and blue light
  • Maximum hydration.  Prevents and repairs sun damage (DNA repair). Increases collagen synthesis
  • Soothing epithelial regenerating and anti-sunburn properties
  • Very easily absorbed, high substantivity
  • Soft and smooth finish
  • Unscented
  • Home treatment to complement skin renewal treatments (peels, photo rejuvenation) photo epilation treatments (laser/IPL)



Sunscreen 50SPF AIRLESS


New Product

Broad Spectrum natural coverage sunscreen.  Extreme sun protection UVA,UVB. SPF 50+ and blue light filter.

It is advisable to still wear sunscreen even in the winter.  It helps protect you from melasma, melanoma, ageing.

Make it a part of your daily routine.


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