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Simildiet Simil-Care Post Treatment Cream 300ML

Cream that restores and maintains the barrier function.  Presents a softening lenitive, anti-erythema, anti-inflammatory, soothing, healing, hydrating and regenerating action.

Can be used as a mask after facial and body aesthetic treatments.  Apply a layer to affected area and leave for 10/15 minutes, partially remove then massage area util completely absorbed.


Available in 50 and 300ml.


BPS, Hydrolysed silk, Alantoin, Panternol, Wheat germ oil, Cupuau butter.


Simildiet Simil-Care Post Treatment Cream 300ML


Restructures the damaged lipid barrier to re-establish smoothness, elasticity and physiological function.

Regenerates and moisturises any skin type.

Use after any aesthetic treatment.

Soothing and cooling after sun.

Body and face moisturiser.

Face mask.

Soothing, hydrating, regenerating.






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