Xtra Facelift Serum

Facial expression and wrinkles.

Periorbital, Glabellar, Forehead, Eyebags and Dark Circles.

Hydrates immediately.

Strengthens delicate areas.

Provides skin with a fresh and bright appearance.


Xtra Facelift Serum



Specific treatment for facial expression wrinkles.

Xtra Facelift Serum  is an intensive serum particularly indicated for the correction of expression wrinkles, periorbital, glabellar, forehead, eyebags and dark circles.  This serum hydrates immediately, strengthens delicate areas and provides hte skin with a fresh and bright appearance.


Use morning and evening after cleansing the area, apply some droplets of the serum with the fingertips and gently massage in a circular motion with the fingertips until the serum is completely absorbed.


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